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          南寧國凱鋁材有限責任公司是一家生產、銷售中高檔新型建筑(工業)鋁型材的專業企業,是南寧金沙灣實業有限公司與南寧市國凱實業有限責任公司共同投資興建的企業,隸屬于廣西金沙灣集團。公司地處廣西首府南寧市,地理位置優越,交通運輸十分便利。公司現有年產12000噸鋁型材及20萬平米鋁門窗的全套生產設備,包括熔煉鑄造、型材擠壓(最大擠壓能力2300噸)、氧化著色、電泳涂裝、彩色粉末噴涂和隔熱型材等工藝裝備,配備有直讀光譜儀、硬度計、氧化膜測厚儀、分光光度計、色差儀等現代化檢測儀器。 公司產品冠名"國凱"牌商標。公司產品的高品質,源于公司完善、科學的管理體系:公司采用ERP現代管理理念,通過了ISO9001:2000質量體系認證,建立了質量、環境和職業健康安全一體化管理體系。公司經營理念:以人為本,以市場為導向,創品牌、求品質、講實效。公司的核心價值觀是:真誠奉獻!最大限度地滿足客戶的需求。 一流品質、誠信如金、客戶滿意是"國凱"人永恒的追求。公司全體同仁以創新求實、團結奮進的精神,用最優的品質、公平的價格、周到的服務與廣大用戶共創美好的明天。
          Nanning Guokai Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise in producing and selling medium and high-grade new type building (industrial) alloy aluminum profiles, established by the joint investment of Nanning jinshawan Industrial Co., Ltd.and Nanning Guokai Inndustrial Co., Ltd.be attached to GUANGXI JINSHAWAN GROUP. The company is located in Nanning City, the capital of Guangxi, with advantageous geographical location and convenient transportation. It possess a whole set of production facilities that can produce 12,000-ton aluminum profiles and 200,000m2 aluminum doors and windows per year, including complete technological equipments for melting and casting, extruding (maximum extrusion capacity is 2300 ton), oxidation coloring, electrophoresis coating, color powder spraying coating, thermal insulating, etc. Modern testing equipments are available such as spectrum instruments, sclerometers, surveying instruments for the thickness of oxidized films, and testing meters for the brightness and chromatic aberration. The company's products are titled as the trademark "Guokai". The high quality of products relies on perfect and scientific management system; the company adopts modern management logos of ERP in operation and management, has been authenticated by ISO 9001:2000 quality system, established the integrated management system for quality, environment and occupational health and safety. The company's management concepts: people foremost, market-oriented, strive for brand, seek for quality, stress on practical results. It is to work out the potentialities of employees, to meet customers' demands for products. First rate quality, good faith and customers' satisfaction are eternal pursuits of the staff in "Guokai". All the staff and employees in our company will create brilliant future with all users by top quality, fair price and good service, in the spirit of innovation and pragmatism, solidarity and progression.



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